Why is Rajpal Yadav avoiding the OTT platforms?
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Why is Rajpal Yadav avoiding the OTT platforms?

Comedian-actor Rajpal Yadav feels grateful to be working during these tough pandemic times; he is glad that so many mediums of entertainment are now developed. He says, “The future of art is bright for web series, cinema, and TV. Looking at the kind of changes that are happening in our field, the next 10 years will be a golden period for us.”

He says in one of the interviews that he is only working on his condition, he was saying for the last few years, he was avoiding the web space because of the abuses in most screen players. 

He added, “If something (abusive language) is part of the storyline, then it can be accepted, but not just for the purpose of it. For me, the concept is bacche, boodhe aur naujawan, sabko manoranjan mile ek samaan.”

In the 2003 Blockbuster movie, The Hungama actor played an amazing variety of roles that were coming his way. Yadav says “Kala jitni bikharti hai, utni hi nikharti hai. In our country, we have such diverse cultures, stories, and concepts, and only a small fraction of that comes on screen.” He has received a lot of web offers, but he hasn’t accepted an offer in the OTT space.

He completed his schooling alumnus of National School of Drama, New Delhi and Bhartendu Natya Academy in 1992-94, Lucknow, the multifaceted actor on his visit to the state capital adds that it’s very important for aspiring actors to go through padhai and gadhai (studies and training).

50-year-old Rjapal Yadav says, respectfully that because of OTT there are removed all the class and cost barriers, and has made entertainment affordable for everyone. He said in one of the statements that “Cinema had become unaffordable for the masses. But today, with OTT, a farmer can get entertained in between his lunch break with the same content that was beyond his reach (until a few years ago). This is truly a revolution.” He will soon be seen in many films, including Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and Ardh.

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