Why Do Salman, Aamir, and Kangana Think Karan Johar is The Enemy?
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Why Do Salman, Aamir, and Kangana Think Karan Johar is The Enemy?

‘Nepotism’ is not a recent issue in Bollywood. Many Bollywood stars have fallen prey to this ‘trend’. Some have spoken out against it, while others have remained silent. Just as Bollywood has built the careers of many, it has also ended the careers of many. Behind this are this nepotism and factionalism. Since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, allegations of nepotism have been leveled against Karan Johar, Salman Khan, and several others. Allegedly, they only give space to star kids. Although was a flop, they had time to act in the next film. Although there is disagreement about this. However, the most accused in Bollywood is Karan Johar (KJ). Allegedly, KJ has ruined the careers of many. This allegation against KJ has been rising for a long time. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who consider Karan Johar as their ‘enemy’. Why don’t they fit in with him?

The first name that comes up on the list is Salman Khan. Salman Khan has also been accused of nepotism. But Salman Khan has also distanced himself from the victims of Karan Johar. Salman had a cameo appearance in Karan’s ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. But since then he has not done anything with Karan. But why Salman avoids Karan? The first reason is Shah Rukh’s close friendship with Karan. Karan prefers Shah Rukh Khan, which is common in Bollywood. He also tried to promote him in everything. Karan Johar has also made a big-budget film with Shah Rukh Khan. The closeness between the two has caused a stir in Bollywood, with Karna only wanting to shoot with Shah Rukh. This is why Salman doesn’t like Karan. It is heard that Karan had proposed to Salman for a film called ‘Shuddhi’. Salman didn’t say no, but after making Karan wait for several months, Salman informed him that he can’t do the film. Later, in a close circle, Salman said that he never wanted to work with Karan. Even after this incident Karan and Salman decided to work together. However, as a sponsor. There was talk that Salman’s sister’s husband Ayush would be promoted in the film. But the buzz of Bollywood, Karan did not agree to it. As a result, Salman became very angry with Karan. As a result, the two avoid each other.

Aamir Khan also never worked with Karan. But why? It is said that the first reason is the closeness between Shah Rukh and Karan. Aamir Khan once appeared on the show ‘Coffee With Karan’. Then Karan asked him why he was so late to come to this show. Aamir then smiled and said, I don’t know you well. I’ve heard a lot about you. I may have heard that by mistake. Karan then asked Aamir if there was anything in the industry that he did not like, but had to pretend to like. Then Aamir replied, your show. Which was like a flat slap on Karan’s face.

Ajay Devgn and Kajal are also on Karan’s list of dislikes. Kajal has done a lot of work with Karan. Kajal has done a number of films starting from the superhit film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. But why the ‘enmity’ with Kajal even after that? Buzzing in Bollywood, Ajay Devgn never gets along with Karan. They avoid each other. So Ajay was never seen in Karan’s film. It is also said that Ajay doesn’t like the script of Karan’s film very much. But so much was said about Ajay. But where is the problem with Kajal? Kajal doesn’t like him personally even though he has a friendship with Karan. When it became known further, Karan gave money to KRK for giving a bad rating to Aaye Dil Hai Mushkil movie and Ajay Devgan Shivaya movie. That was claimed by Kamal  Khan. Later, Ajay Devgan released the video on social media and brought out the real face of Karan. Kajal comment, I am shocked.

Kangana Ranaut is on the list of people who do not like Karan Johar. Kangana has always been outspoken. She has made a name for herself in Bollywood by fighting hard. She has repeatedly opened her mouth against Bollywood’s nepotism. Kangana has also accused Karan of nepotism. Allegedly, when Kangana was fighting in Bollywood to make a name for herself, Karan did not invite her to his show. But after receiving the Kangana national award, he invited her to the show. How Karan tickles Nepotism, how he promotes Star kids. After Sushant’s death, Kangana also attacked Karan as a ‘movie mafia’.

Govinda was one of the rocking actors of Bollywood in the ’90s. Even after making many superhit films, Govinda was never invited to Karan’s show. Not only that, Karan never even offered Govinda a film of his. Govinda was once asked by reporters about this and he said that Karan is a terrible man.

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