Really Happy For Rohansh Pandit’s “Say No To War” Says Javed Akhtar
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Really Happy For Rohansh Pandit’s “Say No To War” Says Javed Akhtar

Veteran screenwriter and poet Javed Akhtar is proud and happy for Rohansh Pandit new single “Say No To War”.

Javed Akhtar was interacting with us at the song launch in Mumbai. The song titled SAY NO TO WAR, is crooned by Javed Ali and Andrea Jeremiah; the lyrics are by Rahul B Seth, Anoushka Sivashankar, and Rohansh Pandit.

Talking about launching the song, Javed Akhtar said, “I am happy that Rohansh Pandit has come out with a song but I felt really happy when I heard the song and saw its video. Also Added, there are two type of people. One those who will do exactly what is happening around. And other, those who will do something which they want to do. They don’t care much about what is the popular trend. This song is something like that, it’s an echo of our need right now, it is an original thought”  

The song presents the notion that Peace is not achieved by controlling nations but by mastering our thoughts. It also showcases that thousands of wars between nations have occurred throughout history at various levels and at various times. As a result, we learned that Peace had a critical role in ending or even avoiding several of these wars.

With Russia and Ukraine war going on, Javed Akhtar said, “Issue is not just limited to Russia and Ukraine. The issue is whether you are sorting differences through war, or through negotiation. And, this has been an issue for the entire world, constantly. Some places it’s on local level, somewhere it’s an national issue and somewhere it is international concern. Violence or war is not an answer to the problem at any level” 

Produced by Pranjal Tulsiyan and Pranav Tulsiyan, “SAY NO TO WAR” propagates Peace, adopting a mental and spiritual ideology that includes a helping attitude. 

One of the unique parts of the song is that Rohansh Pandit is the son of the renowned music composer Lalit Pandit. And the torch bearer of the Mewati Gharana. At the tender age of 20, he not only conceptualized this song but also lent his music.

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