Proud to be born an Indian, Mr. Amit K Shiva with “Mere Desh Ka Tiranga”
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Proud to be born an Indian, Mr. Amit K Shiva with “Mere Desh Ka Tiranga”

India is a diverse country and we Indians genuinely believe in “Unity in Diversity”.  Independence Day ceremonies deserve serious attention and should be set in a longer historical time frame and in a broader geographical perspective. Independence Day is a milestone in the history of India and we should rejoice and celebrate with enthusiasm each year the anniversary of this historic day.

Our nation has completed 75 years of Independence this year. Producer Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music bring to us a heart-melting song “Mere Desh Ka Tiranga” to commend this patriotic day. Surely this song will strike that patriotic chord in everyone. Photofit Music is one renowned and successful music label that has created its own space in the industry with its quality of work. 

Producer Suresh Bhanushali adds, that we Indians always have feelings of patriotism in our hearts, and PM Modi’s new campaign “Har Ghar Tiranga” is truly a motivation for Photofit Music to create a patriotic song like this. Dhruvin Mevada was the right choice who added a fresh patriotic flavor to the song. He has legitimized the song with his profound vocals. 

Moreover, we as Photofit Music have never missed creating a song on any important occasion. Our previous patriotic song “Army” was on Republic Day and gathered tremendous attention. 

Mr. Amit K Shiva who has delightfully conceptualized and visualized has well depicted and framed the song “Mere Desh Ka Tiranga”. He additionally specifies, “I was always entranced with Bharat Bala songs and his songs were my inspiration for patriotic themes. He always implanted and motivated me for making a song on our nation. “Mere Desh Ka Tiranga” gives me enormous pride today. This beautiful song is soulfully crooned and composed by Dhruvin Mevada.

Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Project Head, Photofit Music says, our rich heritage and tradition make our nation beautiful and this brings pride to being an Indian. The song “Mere Desh Ka Tiranga” draws out the true story of patriotism. 

Furthermore, not missing the jawans of India, our armed force, military, soldiers, and police force who protect our nation are the ones who deserve a big salute. It’s also time to celebrate their forever bravery towards our nation. Another reason that brings justified pride as we are in a wonderland and culture in which we are nurtured. And, that’s the greatness of our heritage. Furthermore, we have many reasons to celebrate pride with cultural and spiritual unity.

In addition, our freedom fighters who played an important role in the entire episode cannot be forgotten. They inspire and motivate us adds Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Photofit Music. The song by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music “Mere Desh Ka Tiranga” is such a powerful song and it has an innate sense of emotional patriotic feel, and we are proud to possess this song, further adds Mr. Rajiv John Sauson. 

The song is for our glorious nation and our people who contribute to the nation. Producer Suresh Bhanushali says, we pledge to protect our country and be proud and patriotic. It’s not only during the special days like Independence Day however it’s always throughout.

The freedom that we enjoy in India can never equalize any other nation across the world. Moreover, India is a land of emotions and our emotions bind us together. This is the imperceptible cord that pulls to the motherland. Also, we love to be Indians and we will always be proud to be Indians concludes, Mr. Rajiv John Sauson.

This seamless and powerfully woven song will surely evoke that strong feeling of patriotism in everyone.

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