Photofit Music’s new release “Challe”
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Photofit Music’s new release “Challe”

Co-produced by Mr. Rajiv John Sauson makes its mark on LOVE in the vibe of Punjab

Punjabi music has acquired love from a lot bigger crowd. The watchers have kindly revered the commitment of the business and given love to the specialists. The music names like Photofit Music and others will quite often get invigorating melodies from the Punjabi business that floats the energy. Music has got everything, from your emotional episodes to the most exceptional minutes in your day-to-day existence. It assumes an ideal part and mixes in the event well.

This Punjabi tune “Challe” delivered by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music holds that delightful embodiment of a rustic Punjabi vibe. Along with a feeling of affection chemistry in it, flawlessly got by the artist Namr Gill. Additionally, he has wound around the magnificent verses of this track “Challe” co-created by Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Photofit Music. The tune has the emanation of adoration and the recollections caught with sentiments.

Furthermore, this melody “Challe” pulled in the enamoring storyline of a couple, highlighting Namr Gill and Anmol Sidhu. They have put their best tuning into this track delivered by Photofit Music and maker Suresh Bhanushali. The scenes of the pair romancing to the tunes and making memories that fill their story hold the emanation of Punjabi style. The cast gives out the message that “Our melody of LOVE, is currently yours”. And is really associated with the crowd making more love for the track delivered by Photofit Music, says Mr. Rajiv John Sauson.

The scenery of the tune shows the insides of Punjabi. And the duo highlighted are shown taking rides and sharing that power of profound bond. The co-maker of Challe Mr. Rajiv John Sauson says the crowd will initially hand-feel the verses of the melody. And subsequently make a spot for this Punjabi tune in their playlist. The music video of the melody has a storyline a combination of music and wonderful picturization directed by Jass Pessi.

Photofit music has got melodies that have arranged bunches of affection from the crowd. The Punjabi track “Jatt Yamla” highlighting Manish Goplani and Saba Khan directed by creative Amit K Shiva. Also the other astounding Punjabi tunes being “Yamraj” including Arman Malik, Kritika Malik, and Payal Malik and many more delivered by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali, Photofit Music.

Although releasing a series of music albums in various genres, Photofit Music has made a remarkable mark. Leaning towards a Few music albums that manage to leave indelible footprints on the sands of time. 

Moreover, the song is not just loved and supported by Fans but also glorified by the industry. Meanwhile, people from the Music industry have praised the song and expressed their positive feedback on the song Challe produced by Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music.

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