Nusrat Jahan Breaks Silence on Divorce, Claims Her Marriage is ‘Invalid’
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Nusrat Jahan Breaks Silence on Divorce, Claims Her Marriage is ‘Invalid’

Nusrat Jahan, a well-known Bengali actress and TMC MP in the news after announcing her separation from her husband Nikhil Jain. She released an official statement that her marriage to Nikhil Jain was not valid as per the Indian constitution and it was only a matter of live-in relationship. Also added that the separation happened long back.

Nikhil and Nusrat tied the knot in June 2019 and the wedding venue was in Turkey. According to the news source, the reason behind this separation was Actor Yash Dasgupta. Everybody wants to know who Yash is and why he is very popular.

Yash Dasgupta is the only son of Dipak Dasgupta and Jayati Dasgupta. He started his career as a model then worked as an actor in the entertainment industry. Nusrat worked with Yash in a movie named ONE in 2017. After that, he became a household name in Bengal. They worked together in the movie ‘SOS Kolkata’ which was released in 2020. This was the movie where Yash worked with Nusrat and Mimi Chakraborty. Both are good friends, worked together many times and selected as members of parliament from Basirhat and Jadavpur, respectively. A buzz in the media said that both were close and now in a relationship while Yash had dismissed this news and replied we are just friends.

Nusrat Jahan said her marriage with Nikhil was in Turkey and according to the Turkish Marriage Regulation it was invalid because it was an interfaith marriage that was not listed. As per the Indian marriage act, it requires a validation that didn’t happen, so it is not a marriage, so it can be said a relationship or a live-in relationship. She added that Nikhil has been taking money from her account illegally. All her clothes, jewelry, bags, and accessories earned or given to her by her parents, friends, and extended family members were taken by Nikhil.

She shared her personal experience with Calcutta times and said all her affairs are not for the public, people always put me on trial. People only remember me for my work, not for the other stuff. Be it good, bad, or ugly, this is my personal life and I am not sharing it with others. 

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