Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, speaks about gearing up with the Virtual World
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Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, speaks about gearing up with the Virtual World

Music is an experience. Makers of music now demand more and more immersive and interactive experiences, which has prompted an urgent call for innovation. Innovation in terms of design, shooting, making, etc. Indeed, the downfall during the pandemic has proved to be a disguise in a way as it has forced creators to get more creative and technical with performance or with music, or shooting.

We will be soon entering the world of Web 3, which will in turn make digital, technical, and web space more powerful and result-oriented. In today’s era technology and music move hand in hand. Music or music videos can be additionally enhanced with updated technology. We all agree that a digital presence will always play an increasingly heavy role in how we experience music adds, Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Director, Photofit Music.

Virtual World

Technology has taken us to the quintessential level where we not only intensify the music audibly but also the video visually. Now, explaining this further, the visual appearance of any music videos or film for that matter can also be manipulated using technology in other words using “Chroma”. Experience of video-making through chroma or green screen process is peripheral. Making music videos virtually has proven to be immensely cost-effective for the productions. Hi-Tech Virtual studios have been created for such shoots.

Similarly, taking the Music level ahead Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music along with Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, have recently come up with a new venture Photofit Studio which is amongst other businesses. A studio to free up your imagination and creativity from standard-setting. With Photofit Studio, now is the right time to move your brand into the virtual world. So, the one-stop objective for your virtual creation from shooting movies to launching brands through virtual spaces. This is a real-time studio with a three-dimensional arrangement to level up the creation set further proudly states, Mr. Rajiv John Sauson.

The boxes create a number of parallel discourses that follow and connect to the main content in many ways, especially by illustrating points through brief personal narratives and providing a sense of how professionals experience and deal with the highly complex, interactive, technical world of the music video. Making Music Videos develops its thematic texture along several lines, including the construction of the music video industry as a platform. The virtual choir video is part of a larger image-making machine for the artist and the rushed, time-sensitive nature of video production.

Green Screen Shoot

One such beautiful song by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music, “Ganpat Bappa Morya” was shot in an innovative manner. A lesser-known fact is that the shooting was done on a green screen and the song looked extraordinary visually. The larger-than-life effect was thought of by Producer Suresh Bhanushali and exquisitely filmed by Mr. Amit K Shiva. Apart from appearing grand and huge it also gave a portrayal of the actual set. Very creatively laid out by the Director Mr. Amit K Shiva. The Director never fails to entertain his audience be it with his storytelling or his vibrant direction. Time and again he has proved his perfection with his directorial strokes. 

Presently, Mr Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music aim to be an authentic choice for its audience in various sources. Be it music, be it technical, be it a virtual Photofit Studio. 

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