Idea Is To Do As Varied Roles Says, Kangana Ranaut
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Idea Is To Do As Varied Roles Says, Kangana Ranaut

Actress Kangana Ranaut says it is conscious effort to keep shifting genre’s and do variety of role. 
Kangana Ranaut was interacting with us at the trailer launch of “Dhaakad“. 
Kangana Ranaut’s last few releases have been from different genre. And we asked if entering the action space was a conscious decision or not, she said, “For me it was not particularly about an action film, that I wanted to do an action film, but the kind of varied project every hero does, and you can pick hero’s name, for example Amitabh Bachchan, the kind of varied roles that he has done in his lifetime, so being a woman, why don’t I get such variety of roles?  Why do I have to play a wife or girlfriend roles?” 
“That was the vision I was operating with, I’d never thought I will get a role or Indian cinema would reach such a level, where such a big budget film made on an international level, honestly it is unbelievable and if it works, then there will be a flood of such roles for every actress. Just like when Queen was released, the entire industry was flooded with women centric dramas” added Kangana. 
“Dhaakad” is an action thriller helmed by Razneesh Ghai and Produced by Soham Rockstar Entertainment, Sohel Maklai Productions and Asylum Films. The film also stars Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutta.
Talking about the international vibe of the film, Kangana Ranaut said, “Yes, it is an effort towards the same. If you look around, all the Hollywood movies are doing great business here in India, their dubbed version. Audience is now watching world class mega movies, and we are catering the same demand with the help of technology. The idea with this movie is to bring every artist from across the world and work as a community” 
The film will release on 20th May 2022.

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