How Much Do Bodyguards of Bollywood Stars Get Paid?
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How Much Do Bodyguards of Bollywood Stars Get Paid?

As soon as the stars of the entertainment world go out on the streets, the fans surround them and follow them. We can see this madness in all countries. Bollywood stars are no exception. So their safety in public places became urgent. As a result, they need a faithful bodyguard. They walk with these stars like shadows, handle any situation. Bollywood stars take good care of the quality of life of their loyal bodyguards. If you are a Bollywood lover, then this article will be great for you. Here are the top five bodyguards in Bollywood.

Amir Khan ‍and Yuvraj Ghorpara

Mr. Bollywood perfectionist prefers to be somewhat secluded. And his bodyguard Yuvraj Ghorpar has the responsibility to ensure that. Yuvraj told a news outlet about his experience working with one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, “I did very little to survive. Then one day I started working in a security agency. Now I am Aamir Khan’s bodyguard. I have always been with such a big celebrity many of my friends are jealous of it.”

Shah Rukh Khan and Ravi Singh

Fans of the Bollywood king are spread all over the world. Ravi Singh, the bodyguard, took care of his safety everywhere. Robi is not seen in the limelight like Shera. He would rather hide. By ensuring the security of Shah Rukh Khan, he gets Rs 26 million a year.

Salman Khan and Shera

Shera, the bodyguard of Bollywood’s Bhai, is well known in the media. He has been with this Bollywood superstar for 25 years. Salman considers Shera as part of his family. Salman even dedicated his one film ( bodyguard ) to Shera. In the wake of this incident, Shera said, no other Bollywood star has done so! According to the Times of India, Shera receives a salary of around Rs 2 crore a year from Salman Khan.

Akshay Kumar and Shreyas Thale

Mr. Akshay Kumar’s bodyguard Shreyas has seen many times on media. Sometimes, he also ensures the security of  Aarav Bhatiya ( Akshay Kumar’s son). Shreyas Thale gets a salary of Rs 12 million a year from Akshay Kumar.

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