Here Are Five Countries That Celebrate ‘August 15’ as Independence Day
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Here Are Five Countries That Celebrate ‘August 15’ as Independence Day

India: 75th Independence Day 

This day in 1947 indicated the presentation of the greatest well known government the world has anytime seen. India turned out to be free on August 15, 1947, chasing after a right 200-year long British rule. Reliably the country celebrates with significance and fervour. The Red Fort in New Delhi has the celebrations with walks and shows. At any rate this year, extra wellbeing measure ensures social distance principles in view of the pandemic. The event is an eyewitness to a couple of new drives, for instance, the opening up of Sainik Schools for youngsters and the abolishment of single-use plastics. 

Other than India, there are five distinct countries that acclaim their opportunity on August 15: 

#1 Bahrain 

In reality, similar to India, Bahrain in like manner got independence from the British common guideline on August 15, 1971. Regardless, the country notices Independence Day on December 16, as it indicates the completion of Isa container Salman Al Khalifa’s move to the seat. The country has had a long history of colonization by Arabs and Portuguese, much before British rules in the nineteenth century. 

#2 Liechtenstein 

Liechtenstein, maybe the smallest country, turned out to be liberated from German standards on this day in 1866. August 15 is lauded as their National Day since 1940, as articulated on August 5, 1940. In addition, the day is immovably connected with Prince Franz-Josef II’s birthday, which is on August 16. Josef was the common Prince of the country from 1938 to 1989. 

#3 and 4 North and South Korea 

North and South Korea notice National Independence Day on August 15 to praise their triumph over Japan. The day signifies the many years’ end long inhabitancy of Japan. On August 15, 1945, Japan’s common norm over Korea completed as they gave up in World War II. Likewise, 1948 considered being of Korea as the Soviets upheld North Korea and the US maintained the South. 

#5 Democratic Republic of Congo 

The Republic of Congo lauds its independence from France’s pioneer rule this day in 1960. The central African country was under French guideline since 1880 and was called ‘French Congo’ until 1903. It was then named ‘Centre Congo’.

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