Haryanvi Music Industry is here to stay, explains Mr. Rajiv John Sauson
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Haryanvi Music Industry is here to stay, explains Mr. Rajiv John Sauson

The Most Entertaining Regional Music Industry is here to stay, explains Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Photofit Music, on the release of the song “Tara”.

India has a rich music culture right from an ancient age. Furthermore, Indian music is a vast, unfathomable ocean of talent in all genres. Our music is diverse, varying from region to region across the Indian landscape. The relevance of regional music in any unique context, where it is mostly practiced, goes beyond entertainment. Regional music is one of the major local and accessible sources of entertainment after film music. Subsequently, Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music apart from Hindi music uplift other regional music. One such regional segment that Photofit Music has tapped and is successfully brewing is the North Region with Haryanvi Music.

The entertainment industries produce scores of music videos, which have, for long thrived under the shadow of Bollywood. Film Music dominance previously had exclusive popularity. Additionally, earlier music in its form was the only mode of entertainment however things have changed over the long haul. Presently, music with videos are in fashion and certainly, it becomes more relatable to the viewer.  

We have also surpassed that stage, and independent music or stand-alone songs have become more acceptable and cherished. Hence, taking the initiative Photofit Music is already in the game of singles. Likewise, popular music in most of the world remains embedded in powerful commercial enterprises. The aspect that the Indian Music Industry has become so decisively is the advent of technology that’s been in the music-making process today.

Haryana is one such state famous for its culture and music. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music draw out the talent from Haryana and provide a platform to them, to exhibit how enormously the territorial sector is. Moreover, Haryanvi music is acquiring profound respect from the crowd every passing day. The latest release “Tara” considering public interest has acquired numerous views and promises to go miles away, says Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Director, Photofit Music.  

The beautiful song “Tara” released under the banner of Photofit Music features spectacular Mannu Pahari and exceptionally gorgeous Sakshi Dhama. The song is splendidly shot by Dev Mehta in a manner to portray a typical small-town look with a traditional set artfully materialized by Project Head Mr. Rajiv John Sauson from Photofit Music. The actors with their effortlessness have made the song look glorious and eye-catching. The story revolves around enhancing the girl’s magnificence which is compared to various other beautiful objects in the universe. Apart from being a peppy Romantic song it also gives a touch of pop, electronic, and synth music.  

Producer Suresh Bhanushali in collaboration with Photofit Music have proved their expertise with their striking work in the zone of Music, irrespective of genre. And, their benchmark of giving extensive hits has raised the bar for Haryanvi Music. Maker Suresh Bhanushali’s motto of taking the regional music industry to levels above is already getting there concludes, Mr. Rajiv John Sauson.


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