Finally!!! Aamir Khan broke his Silence and Resolve the Controversy
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Finally!!! Aamir Khan broke his Silence and Resolve the Controversy

In July 2021, Aamir Khan announced his divorced news with his wife Kiran Rao. At that time the celebrity maintained his silence on this news which led to a lot of controversy. 

Recently, Aamir Khan gave a rare interview on a news channel. In the interview, when the reporter asked about his decision to divorce Kiran Rao, he said, “Kiran ji and I love each other. We have a lot of respect and fondness for each other. And I understand that people don’t understand our equation. It’s difficult for people to understand. This is because, usually, we don’t see a bond like this (among couples who separate).”

Aamir Khan continued, “Kiran ji and I have had this discussion for a long time. Hum ek dusre ko saahi maano mein family maante hai. Be it Kiran ji’s, her parents, her brother, her sisters and my family…so Kiran ji and I are family. There was a change in our relationship as husband and wife. And we wanted to give respect to the institution of marriage. We are going to hold each other’s hands and move ahead. We are working together. We are also collaborating on the Paani Foundation. She lives in the same building, on the floor above.”

Aamir Khan further said, “I have been very lucky. My first wife was Reena ji. We both were too young at that time. We had grown up together. Even after we separated, we are still together even today.”

When a reporter asked him how it’s possible, Aamir Khan replied,“This is because woh insaan bahut achhi hai. (Smiles) Aur unko lagta hai ki main insaan bahut acha hoon. Me, Kiran ji, Reena ji and Satyajit Bhatkal have collaborated on the Paani Foundation. In short, Reena ji and I are also working together.”

Aamir Khan highlighted,“Usually, when couples separate, they tend to fight. But this didn’t happen, neither with Reena ji and me nor with Kiran ji and me. My younger sister Farhat got married to Reena’s younger brother, Rajeev Datta. So, you see, our family is quite connected to each other.”

He also gave a reply when a reporter asked him about the rumors that the divorce was happening because of the third person. He clearly said that at that time I’m not with another person.

In the last, Aamir Khan said, “We also place a lot of importance on our kids, be it Junaid, Ira or Azad. We don’t want to take steps that would harm them. We’ll take care of them, while at the same time, also considering the situation at hand.”

“Laal Singh Chaddha” , Aamir khan’s upcoming movie which is directed by Advait Chandan, will be released on 11 August 2022. It’s a comedy drama film.

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