A Bold Move Taken by Celebrity Women 
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A Bold Move Taken by Celebrity Women 

We all are aware of the word “BRA”, for someone it can be only a piece of cloth but for women it is something they love to ditch sometimes. But many of us still feel ashamed for using this word. Yet, have you ever wondered why people still think that this piece of cloth should be hidden and never talk about it? 

Well, to break this silence about this, many Hollywood stars took a bold step at Paris Fashion Week. The French star Philippine Leroy Beaulieu walked into the event without a bra. She wore a green sheer midi dress along with a black coat. It’s not just her who was willing to take this bold step. 

Stars like Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner also chose to ditch their bras and came in support of walking without a bra. 

We all know that if something goes viral on social media then there will be two things that can happen: either they will support you or they will just sit back and criticize women for not wearing a bra. 

Likewise, when ElleIndia posted a post on social media regarding the same matter, there were some people who were applauding this bold step but at the same time, some people were disparaging it. 

This is not happening for the first time, if we come closer to home then remember the time when Malika Arora was mercilessly trolled for ditching bra while walking with her dog in a simple tracksuit and chose to ditch the bra. 

This year, let’s normalize by going braless!! Let it be their choice, not society’s choice. Let society make it a big deal for women to go braless.  

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